Providing compact, efficient and bright LED arrays in everyday applications

DSEM is a leading innovator of compact and high brightness LED products that can be used in everyday high-efficacy luminaire applications. Using the companies’ patented technology, Advance Metal Substrate (AMS™) for efficient thermal management, DSEM LED products are able to provide longer shelf-life, better energy efficiency and are environmentally friendly. DSEM LEDs are able to provide performance improvements in applications such as general illumination indoor and outdoor.


We currently offer three different series of LED products for a variety of industrial and consumer electronic applications; C-LED, D-and J-LED.

    • J-LED Series

      Multipurpose light engine

      The latest LED series features very high efficacy, high luminous flux and cool solution for high power LED light engines. The series starts from 10W to 100W with 1,000lm to 10,000lm. This series incorporates AMS™ technology for better thermal management and shelflife performance.

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    • D-LED Series

      The cool lighting solution

      This series has a range of 400lm to 10,000lm at 5W to 95W. This product series uses the AMS™ technology allowing for low thermal resistance at below 1oC/w for efficient thermal management. This provides better shelflife performance that is suitable for high power luminaire applications.

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    • C-LED Series

      Miniaturized LED array with high flux density.

      This product series offers a small source size that enable precision beam control for directional luminaire application. This series provides 400lm to 1000lm at 6W to 13W. Coupled with a high efficacy solution that is cost effective it is ideal for luminaire manufacturers.

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